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Air Wrap

Manufacturers and suppliers of bubble wrap products in Cape Town, South Africa
Airwrap specialises in the manufacturing of bubble wrap and related products. Our extensive range of products can be customised to suit our clients’ needs, ensuring protected packaging of their valuable belongings in a cost effective way.

In addition to standard bubble wrap, our broad range of merchandise includes bubble wrap laminated with poly-coated kraft paper, creating a more robust packaging product specifically designed to serve the Transport, Furniture and Removals industry. Further, our product line includes bubble wrap laminated with aluminium foil to cater for the refrigeration and transport of fresh food produce, as well as insulation in both the commercial and industrial Roofing industry.

To accommodate for sensitive hardware in the Computer, Electronic and Cellular industries, our standard bubble wrap is manufactured with antistatic agents, in turn producing an Antistatic bubble wrap on par with International standards. Our standard bubble is also custom made into various sized sheets (MK’s) for the packaging and protection of fruit transported to both local South African and International markets.

Our range of products also include dual-laminate sheets/bags designed to effectively protect fragile objects such as jewelry, glassware, crockery and mirrors. Lastly, our popular thermal pool blankets been developed to help prevent water loss through evaporation, as well as aid in the temperature regulation of ones’ pool water.

All our products can be customised to specific dimensions, colours and printing requirements.

Airwrap has recently opened a factory shop on its premises in order to conveniently meet all your packaging needs.

Our Product Range Includes:

Standard Bubble, Standard Antistatic Bubble, Perforated Bubble Wrap, Airkraft Bubble, Thermal Pool Blankets, Dual Laminate Bags and Sheets and MK’S.
bubble-wrap packaging supplies & materials

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Unit 2 Mazor Park
16 Monza Road
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1200mm x 100m Bubblewrap SALE

Airwrap CC(@Airwrap)January 1, 1970

Bubble wrap sale

Airwrap CC (@Airwrap) January 1, 1970