About Us

Founded in September 2004, Airwrap is a family owned company which specialises in the manufacture of bubble wrap and related packaging products. Over a decade later, and with various re-structuring, the company has become a lighthouse in the packaging industry! At Airwrap, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional service and top quality products to our clients from the agricultural, removals, catering, cosmetics, furniture, glass, electronics and motor industries.

Our extensive range of products, coupled together with years of goodwill and strong ethics, have enabled us to develop longstanding relationships with our clients, that we aim to continue for years to come. Further, we are continuously striving to improve our processes in order to maintain the world class standard of products that we have to offer!
What Makes Our Product Unique
Based in Cape Town within the Western Cape, Airwrap is a proudly South African company that is sensitive to the environment and the responsibility we have to protect it! In order to do so, we have taken every measure to ensure that all our bubble wrap and related products are recyclable!
Our Vision
Our vision is to manufacture high quality products through our world classes processes, while providing exceptional service delivery and maintaining an excellent track record of goodwill with our customers. In addition, we strive to generate healthy competition in the packaging industry, continuously building upon the ‘family owned’ foundations/ethos which make our company unique.